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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Farewell to FFC.

If you are reading this we are either on the train heading to Cochin, or we have arrived and have started our little four day break before we get started at ASSA.

We really enjoyed our time at FFC and met so many amazing people over the past two and a half weeks. Everyone was so kind and generous, always willing to help us out as we were trying to get settled and find our place her at FFC as well adjusting to a new environment and culture.When we first arrived everyone asked how long we were going to be staying here and they were all so surprised when we responded with two and a half weeks. We later found out that generally volunteers here stay for long time periods, often months and months at a time. We can now see why this is the case. It is as though we are only beginning to get settled here and started on some of the things we wanted to accomplish and now we have to leave.

I think the consensus among the four of us is that we are truly going to miss it here. The whole place is truly amazing. The concepts and philosophies behind it are something that we have never seen before. None of us have ever spent much time in an orphanage before, however we each had a picture in our mind’s eye of what an orphanage would be like and this, FFC, definitely does not fit the image that any of us had created.

It doesn’t feel like we’ve spent the past two weeks in an orphanage – instead it feels as though we have been spending time with a family. It feels as though this family has opened their doors and their home to us and welcomed us in as one of their own. The kids who live and go to school here, the men and women who both live and work here, and the various other people who keep this place running such as the teachers, the kitchen and office staff, are all one big family and now even after two short weeks, we feel as though we are also members of this large family.

That, as we’ve found, is the beauty of this place called Families for Children. We can say with absolute certainty this place lives up to its name 100% and like a family, it will be in our hearts forever.

Jeremy, Kayla, Marissa and Pranavi

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