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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Delhi, Amar Jyoti etc. - A Quick Update

This post is a) overdue and b) small.
This marks our last day at Amar Jyoti. Our stay has been short but a really amazing one.

Internet access is hard to come by in the area where we are staying so our blogs have been sparse however, not to worry, there are blogs to come.

We have updates on some touring and sightseeing we have done around Delhi as well as some posts about our time here at Amar Jyoti.

Tomorrow we are using our final full day in India to recharge, organize our things, pack and get ready to head back to Canada as we fly out on Friday.

The blogs about Amar Jyoti and Delhi will be posted soon after we return to Canada on July 31st so stay tuned for those.

We can hardly believe our time in India is finished and that we'll soon begin the journey of choosing and mentoring the next group of students who will form the IHI 2011 team. We once again want to extend our thanks to all of you who have made this journey possible for us and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon to tell you all about our time in India.

We miss you all.

Jeremy, Kayla and Pranavi

ps. Marissa had to return to Canada early last week for a family matter and she has made it home safely but we just want to say WE MISS YOU PRETTY FACE!!!



  2. श्री संतुलन पंचकर्म केंद्र
    आर्य समाज मोती नगर Block 17 नई दिल्ली 110015
    Arya Samaj Moti Nagar Block 17 NEW DELHI -110015
    डॉक्टर हेमंत मोदी (Dr. Hemant Modi ) 9818204693

    पंचकर्म (Panchakarma) आयुर्वेदिक चिकत्सा द्वारा शरीर शोधन एवं रोगों से मुक्ति

    1. मोटापा और इससे जुढ़ी हुए विकार (Obesity and overweight problems)
    2. पाचन क्रिया से सम्भाधित रोग एवं विकार (Gastro and related problems)
    3. चमड़ी के विभिन्न रोगों के लिए (For skin related problems)
    4. जोढ़ो के दर्द एवं हड्डियों के विकार का निदान (Arthritis and body aches / pains)
    5. मधुमेह Diabetes रोगियों के लिए (Treatment and Cure of diabetes)

    हम आपके समीप हैं-- निशुल्क परामर्श के लिए
    पंचकर्म (Panchakarma) आयुर्वेदिक चिकत्सा के निमंलिखित प्रमाणित लाभ हैं
    1.विषेले तत्वों को शरीर से निकलना
    2. विभिन्न शारीरिक व्याधिओं से छुटकारा
    3. मन एवं शरीर की शुधि
    4. शक्ति ह्वास को रोकना एवं शक्ति को समृद्ध करना
    5. जेठाग्नी को अनुशासित करना
    6. शरीर की प्रतिरक्षा शक्ति (immunity )को संतुलित करना एवं समृद्ध करना
    7.आत्मा, शरीर और मन को शांत रखने मैं सहयक होना