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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our 2 weeks at ASSA has almost come to a close. It has been a wonderful introduction to India. We have been treated very well and we will be sad to leave this community. No matter who enters they are accepted for who they are.
Aleshia: From a nursing prospective, this little piece of heaven looks at health from many different avenues. The health care providers here look at the whole person, not just the limitation. The health care team collaborates together to help the patients/residents achieve their individual goals. The patients/ residents here are very involved in their own learning about their health. They are constantly searching for new best practices that they can apply to their conditions. I have focused my energies on hand hygiene awareness throughout the campus. I have done presentations to physiotherapists, nurses, personal care providers and patients on the importance of proper hand hygiene and good techniques. I have also shared some knowledge/ skills to allied health professionals on wound care. I have learned a great deal about holistic health during my time here. I look forward to sharing what I have learned with my colleagues back home. I can't wait to experience what lies ahead.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Our Arrival!

Hello readers!

After nearly 65 hours of plan train and automobile travel we arrived safely in Ayikudi to volunteer at our first NGO - Amar Seva Sangam. It has already been an incredible learning experience for all of us and we have been truly humbled by the hospitality and friendliness we have received from all of the people we have met so far. We are looking forward to spending the next 11 days at ASSA.

Stay tuned for more updates!

IHI 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

...And they're off!

Well everyone, it's finally here! The team is leaving from Toronto airport tomorrow afternoon. Thanks again to everyone at UWO and in the community who has helped us with planning, fundraising, advice, etc. We'll update over the course of the summer as we're able.

Speaking for myself (Dave), I'm feeling extremely excited and, to be honest, just a little bit nervous. Excited because it's always great to see long-laid plans come to fruition, and because I can't wait to see and experience and learn everything that I can squeeze out of this incredible opportunity. Nervous because this is certainly the most adventurous travel I've ever done. I've done some interesting travelling (i.e. hitchhiking around the Maritimes last summer), but I've never been anywhere with such potential for culture shock. Or where I had to be really careful about drinking water. Or where it's 45 degrees. In the shade. But all these little things are really dwarfed by the excitement.

So here we go! Dive in headfirst, carpe diem, and all that.  We'll update as we can from India. First stop: Amar Seva Sangam in Ayikudi!

P.S. Yeah, that's right, Ayikdui first. I had the dates switched in my blog post from a few weeks ago.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Your donations at work!

We got word from Families for Children the other day about their new vocational training building that's going up. A lot of the funds donated by last year's team went into this project, so it's great to see progress being made. Here's a few photos of the construction in progress: