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Friday, June 18, 2010

Update!! or Waiting in Abu Dhabi.

IMG_0030 We  (three of us, Jeremy, Kayla & Marissa) are currently sitting in the Abu Dhabi International Airport waiting for our connecting flight to Chennai. Our flight was long, but manageable, with the longest leg of the trip over with. The airline was pretty amazing with OnDemand movies, tv and radio, and overall good service. We would definitely recommend Etihad Airlines to anyone looking to travel in this direction.

It is currently 8:23pm on Friday June 18 and our flight leaves at 10:15 so we thought what better way to spend our time than to update our blog?!

You’ll notice we said three of us are waiting here, Pranavi is already on route to Chennai and will arrive a couple of hours before us tomorrow. We miss you Pinky and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Ok. Hopefully the internet will be good to us on our trip and we can update regularly but if not we will update whenever we can. So stay tuned for more.

Jeremy, Kayla and Marissa


  1. Hey Jeremy!!
    I'm so excited for you to start this trip of a lifetime!! I'll definitely be checking in on you and this blog and it BETTER include pictures :) Lots of love and prayers

  2. WOW guys!! that airport looks awesome!! the website is beautiful and this blog is great! i will definitely be checking in on this and get so jealous as every week goes by!

    say 'hi' to the cows for me! oh, how i miss them... :(

  3. oh oops! the upper comment was from me!

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