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Monday, June 14, 2010

EII Recap

An Evening in India went off without a hitch on Saturday April 10 and anyone who attended will tell you that it was a fantastic, entertaining night of fun and culture.

Here are a few pictures from the event. DSC_0408 IHI 2010 team with IHI 2009.DSC01830imageimage Our amazing DJ, and IHI alum, Larissa!image Two of the amazing people who helped us in planning and running EII 2010 – Dr. Bhayana and Dr. Prasad.

We want to say a huge thank you to all of our supporters who came out to enjoy the night. It really meant a lot to us. We also want to thank everyone who helped us put the night together, without their help EII could never have happened. There are a few people who deserve special mention:

Dr. Prasad, Dr. Bhayana and Dr. Venkatessan who were instrumental in planning and assisting with the night. The staff at W. Sherwood Fox Public School who were amazing at accommodating us in their lovely space and assisting with clean up afterwards. Larissa and family for supplying the DJ supplies and DJing for us. All of the ladies who made and donated food and drink as well as all who donated supplies and silent auction items. IHI 2009 who were extremely helpful with all aspects of the night but always seemed to be making sure there was someone at a ticket, food or merch table. And also a big thank you to all of the performers. You were amazing! Thank you for taking the time to put together such wonderful performances and truly making our night as special as it was.

There are so many people who deserve to be thanked, and if we’ve missed anyone please charge it to our head and not our heart. All who helped out mean the world to us.

We also want to remind you that EII 2010 was filmed and DVDs can be purchased. For just $10, you can relive all of the acts of the night any time you want from the comfort of your own home. To order your copy email us at Simply tell us how many copies you would like, as well as your name and address and we will get back to you. Order quickly because copies are going fast.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support us.DSC_0406 Love Jeremy, Marissa, Pranavi & Kayla

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