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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Introducing the 2013 Team

We are an interdisciplinary team of Western University healthcare students, who will be travelling to three sites in India in the summer of 2013 to share our knowledge and the financial assistance made possible by our donors at home.  

We are, clockwise from left:  Randy is a first year occupational therapy student, Sonika is a second-year medical student, Courtney and Jen are in the final year of the nursing program, and Jody is a first year occupational therapy student.  

We are very excited to meet the people who run and live at the NGO sites in India.  We are grateful to the IHI 2012 team who made this possible for us, and set a great example of how to make a program like this work.   We will be posting regular updates about our travels here.  Stay tuned


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    Keep Posting:)