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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A little time off..

Following our time at FFC the team had decided to take a week to tour the beautiful state of Kerala. First we made our way to Allepey where we planned to spend 2 nights houseboating. Choosing a boat was an adventure in itself and the team had a lot of fun looking at all of the different types of boats. After some intense negotiations we found a boat and were off to explore the backwaters of Allepey! We really enjoyed our time singing, dancing, eating, and playing cards on the boat amidst the lush backwaters.

Following our houseboating adventure the team went to Cochin for 4 nights of sight seeing, beach adventures and amazing food! We were lucky enough to visit a spot where elephant trainers bathe their elephants in the early morning. The team had a lot of fun! Especially with the baby elephant. After our four nights in Cochin we began to make our way up to our final NGO but not before stopping in Bangalore for one night. While in Bangalore the team climbed trees in the beautiful parks, visited several art galleries, a museum, an aquarium and even made a trip (or two) to a McDonald's in town.

After a really fun evening we woke up the next day to catch our 20 hour train ride to Pune where we were all very excited to be picked up by our final NGO - the Comprehensive Rural Health Project in Jamkhed. We are now in Jamkhed taking in all of the history of CRHP and learning the stories of the village health workers we have met. It is amazing to meet so many people with such truly inspiring stories. Stay tuned for more updates!

Going for a swim
Our home for 2 days

Catching some fish in Fort Kochi

Our group with an elephant after his bath


  1. Nice effort, very informative, this will help me to complete my task.

    Yan Katsnelson

  2. Nice pictures, Cochin is one of the best tourist place in india.

    We are from Delhi Preschool, the #1 Preschool in west delhi.

    The Plan that you have mention will inspire me to do the same like yours, thanks for sharing.