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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The 2012 IHI Team

Meet the 2012 IHI Team! We are a team of five students from three healthcare-related faculties. We are excited to be part of this learning opportunity/adventure and we hope you'll be part of it by being connected with us via this blog. The team for this year is:

David Wonnacott (back row, left) is a first year medical student from London, Ontario. Ashok Ramchandani (back row, centre) is in his first year of studying occupational therapy at UWO, and is originally from Thunder Bay. Paige Doherty (back row, right) is also a first year occupational therapy student from Guelph, Ontario. Michelle Edwards (front row, left) is also a first year medical student, she's from Toronto. Aleshia Denny (front row, right) is the nursing student on the team, she's currently doing her final term placement in her home town of Seaforth, Ontario.

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